How to Change Your Email Address?

People use email address as one of the best communicators when it comes to sending important and confident information. As much as possible we kept our email confidential to those people whom we only knew and conduct business with. This is to hide the purposes of our emails. When the time comes that many people have already known your account, you can always change your login information.  You can find that feature when you visit Gmail page. If you are having difficulty about this process, you can read the simple help you can get here in this article.

  1. If you want to make a request of changing your login email information sure that you will also want to change a new email ID on Gmail and not on a different email provider. That is the first requirement before you start filling in the request form found on their website.
  2. Think of your new desired login email address. You can think of a new email ID that is closer to your previous email or change it to a more unique account. Which is which, make sure you have thought first what to do.
  3. Then, you can start filling out the request form starting with your name, other personal details that are required, your current email address and the desired new email address you pick out. Make sure all the information that has asterisk must be filled out.
  4. After you have clicked the submitted form, an email will be sent to you confirming that you already have changed your email ID. On sign up page, you can now enter your new email address. Make sure every important people in your email account are informed that you have changed your ID.

You thought changing email is hard? All you need is to follow the instruction well.