4 Tips To Maintain Rice Cookers

rice cooker importIf it is your first time of using a new rice cooker and it is your first time to clean one, make no mistakes. Use the following tips to maintain your new kitchen appliance:

Unplug your rice cooker when not in operation

Disconnecting a rice cooker from a power outlet whenever it is not in operation can save you from accidents like fire outbreaks or shock. Additionally, this will give you safe cleaning.

Don’t immerse your cooker in water

Immersing a rice cooker in water can risk the internal features to permanent damage.

Allow a rice cooker to cool down before cleaning

Waiting for at least 30-60 minutes for the cooker to cool down before cleaning is essential to minimize faults with the appliance.

Clean after use

Remember to thoroughly wash the lid and the main pot of your rice cooker after cooking even if it appears clean and ensure it is completely air dried before storage. These cookers produce moisture when in use and if not cleaned well may form a perfect environment for mildew or mold growth.

If used properly rice cookers can last for years. Most of these kitchen appliances come with user-manuals from the manufacturers. Following the instructions on how to use and maintain your specific cooker will prolong its life.