DSYE Rock Band: A Brief History

The DSYE is a noise rock band from Germany. The band is known for their music as an intellectual revolution which has a total concept that makes people loved them. What makes the band extraordinary from others? You can find many characters of the band why people in Germany adore them though their music is quite noisy.

The band was founded at the year 2003 during spring season with the members of Andre as the guitar/voice and Jari in the drums as well as the vocalist. The two met in the Dsyecatmotel in Armsterdam where the band was formed and created the name from the place. The two just started to try something on the music they enjoy. They wrote unlimited songs without expecting from the people. It was in the year 2004 where they first release their single that was called “Honig” or honey in English. To promote their first album, the two have toured across the UK and Europe for four weeks. The response they got from the people were to overwhelming and were carried away from their unique energy and incredible entertaining music coming from a duo. The second single of the band was release in year 2005 called “Aga Ragnag” and followed by “Houthakkertje” in year 2006.

The music of their band tends to be awkward and bizarre yet the constructed noise gives a live love purely because of its difference from other bands. The band is so distinctive since the songs were played between only two members with the use of drum and guitar. Not the usual band you expected. Though it’s one of the awkward music but not as awkward as most of you people think. The band echoes across the recording from time to time not only in Germany but as well as to some French countries. This is another one of the Carnival in Coal bands that lifts the spirits among the youthful generations. The two enjoys playing their rock ‘n roll music that charges you energy and enthusiasm to sing along.